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    Thisc ourse is designed to improve students’ tourism market in proficiency by exposing them to authentic tourism market and survey accompanied by relevant skill-building exercises and tasks. 

     The carefully chosen material  is  intended  to sensitize students to the survey and analysis ability of tourism market, promote their expansion of tourism  market knowledge  and develop their  interpretive  strategies which they can then apply away from the classroom to practice.

      The course targets the enhancement of the following skills: improving skills and ability of tourism market analysis and research, previewing and predicting, questioning, inferring the main idea, identifying the overall structure about the tourism market and survey, paraphrasing, summarizing, drawing conclusions from survey of tourism market, and reading critically by using a variety of different kinds of clues.

      The ultimate goal is to provide students with opportunities to  increase their schematic as well as tourism market knowledge, exercise their reading skills, improve their practical ability of survey and tourism market as well as to build accuracy, fluency and auto- maticity in tourism market in research.

       This course will involve the student as a whole person in the classroom, allow for genuine  response  and  develop  student  autonomy.  There  are  no  pre-determined answers to some of the designed tasks. Students will be encouraged to offer their individual interpretation or response instead of looking to the instructor for confirmation of “correct” answers. Discussions will be conducted through group and pair work so that students can negotiate the reconstruction of meaning in class and survey after class in an interactive way. Course requirements include active class attendance,  intensive  reading,  enthusiastic  participation  in pair  and  group  work, timely completion of assignments  and critical presentation of course-related themes.