Course Schedule
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Meetings 1-2: Introduction. 

Meetings 3-11: Selections of the “Four Books” (The Analects, The Mencius, Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean), as well as the Xun Zi.
Meetings 12-15: The Han Fei Tzu (selections). 
Notes on readings: 1) Readings for the Analects and the Mencius will be selected from A and M. Readings for the Xun Zi will be selected from SB (spelled as “Hsün Tzu” in SB). The complete Great Learning and The Doctrine of the Mean are contained in SB. The references of the passages selected will be given one class ahead. 2) For the Han Fei Tzu, read Sections 5-8, 49, and 50 in H. 
Notes on essays: tentatively, the due dates of the four essays are set as follows: Meeting 6, Meeting 8, Meeting 11, and 01/02/2013. They may be adjusted according to the progress of this class. If you are not in Shanghai on 01/02, please email me your last essay (Word document) to my mailbox, and please contact me again if you don’t receive an acknowledgement of reception in 2 days.