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  Course description

       Chinese Language and Culture

       This course introduces the basic speech sounds, grammar, social factors, dialects etc. of the Chinese language and a selection of important topics of Chinese culture such as beliefs, art, education, food, festivals etc.. It is not assumed that students know the Chinese language, but they will be required to try to analyze some basic Chinese language data and discuss cultural issues in classroom together with the teacher. Also, students need to take the open-book final exam on Chinese language, and to give presentations on topics of Chinese culture.     (Instructors)

       Credits and requirements 

      1. This is a 3 credit required course for international students in the major of EMA(English-instructed master) degree program of Chinese Language and Culture at Department of Chinese Language and Literature (pdf brochure); a 3 credit elective course for international students from other Fudan EMA programs.

      2. Chinese language knowledge and skills can be a great plus, but it is not required.

      3. Assigned reading of textbook, handouts, and references before each lecture is required, and it is crucial for the understanding of the linguistic lectures and for classroom discussions. See course syllabus for preliminary reading assignments.

           Class time and location:  Wednsday,  13:30-16:05,  Room 1209, Guanghua Towers, West

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