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Professor Qunhu Gong

     Dr. Qunhu Gong is a professor of linguistics in Chinese Department, Fudan Univeristy. His research interests include Sino-Tibetan linguistics and sign language linguistics. Courses he teaches include Sino-Tibetan linguistics, linguistics of Chinese Sign Language, general linguistics, and Chinese language and culture for various degree levels of students. Books he has authored: 汉泰关系词的时间层次, The Chronological Strata of Sino-Thai Lexical Correspondence (2002), 扎巴语研究 A Reference Grammar of Zhaba (2007). Books he has translated into Chinese: 上古汉语词根(2004), The Roots of Old Chinese (Laurent Sagart,1999), 语言类型学与语言共性(2010, collaborated),Typology and Universals (2nd edition, by William Croft, 2003). Professor Gong is currently hosting a five-year national key project of Chinese Sign Language Corpus funded by China National Social Sciences Foundation.

    Office: Room 1216,Guanghua Towers West

    Office hours:  Tues. 13:30-3:00,  Wed. 12:30- 13:30



Professor Zhongmin Chen 

      Dr. Zhongmin Chen currently is a professor on Chinese linguistics in Dept. of Chinese of Fudan University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley USA, and has more than 20 years of teaching experience on Chinese Linguistics in many academic universities located in China, Singapore and the United States. His major research interests have been in historical linguistics, Chinese dialectology, and experimental phonetics.


Dr. Liang Ma

     Dr. Liang Ma currently is a lecturer of linguistics and applied linguistics in Chinese Department, Fudan University, she has more than 10 years of study and research experience in France. Her research interests include experimental phonetics, speech production and perception, speech cognitive science, modeling of human speech production mechanism. Courses she has taught incude applied linguistics, statistics in language studies, brain and speech, and experimental phonetics

      This course is mainly taught by professor Gong with support and assistance of professor Chen and Dr Ma as a team to make it more suitable for international MA students. The three instructors all have teaching or research experience in foreign countries. Professor Gong and professor Chen once taught Chinese language and culture or similar courses at Wayne State University and UC Berkeley, USA.