General Readings
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【General Readings】

Tan Chenping, China’s social security system, Foreign languages Press,2008
11th.Five-year plan.
 Angang HU, Predictions for the Next Five Years,

 China Economic Research and Advisory Programme, Social Security Reform in China: Issues and Options, available:

 Clem Tisdell, Economic Reform and Openess in China: China’s Development Policies in the last 30 years, available:

 David Dollar, Poverty, inequality and social disparities during China’s economic reform, available:

 Shenglan Tang, Qingyue Meng, etc.,Health System reform in China(1): Tackling the Challenges to health equity in China, available:

 Zhu zhixin, Xiao jie, etc., Social Security in the People’s Republic of China – Sustainable Development of Social Security in the People’s Republic of China,

 Zuliu Hu, Mohsin S. Khan, Why is China Growing So Fast,

【Useful Websites and Periodicals】
Social Sciences in China